Fisher Price Drillin’ Action Tool Set Review

Does your child like to be just like mommy and daddy and follows you around when you are working on projects in your home? Well now you can get them their own action tool set so they can help you out!

This Fisher Price Drillin’ Action Tool Set is perfect for children who like to work with their hands, and your kids will just love this miniature tool set by Fisher Price. It comes with all the tools kids will need to “build” to their heart’s content and imitate parents who work around the house, while keeping them away from the real tools.

Main Product Features of the Fisher Price Drillin Tool Set

  • Drillin action tool set teaches kids how to build
  • Comes complete with a drill and hammer
  • Drill includes interchangeable bits
  • Both boys and girls will love learning how to hammer nails into holes
  • Tool caddy provides lots of easy storage for all your new tools
  • Recommended for children of ages 2-6

Product Highlights of the Drillin Action Tool Set

Kids who love tools will enjoy learning to use these miniature tools made just for their small hands. The drill comes with 3 of its own screws and includes an interchangeable bit. It can also drill forward and reverse with the flip of a switch.

The hammer comes with 3 nails that can be hammered into the caddy, which doubles as a storage area and a practice bench. The drill requires 3 AA batteries which are included. The nails are oversize for easy handling.

This Drilling Action Tool Kit will educate your kids while keeping them entertained and holding their interest. It is currently selling for approximately $15.00 over on the Amazon website.

What Customers Are Saying

Both Customers (and their kids) love this tool set. It is great for learning tool skills, and working beside a handy parent. Kids will love learning to “do it themselves”, and will also learn fine motor skills, such as hand-eye coordination, in the process.

The drill, screws, and bits are made of a durable plastic and are safe for children. The drill is so realistic that your kids will try it on real screws, thinking that it will work on them, and it actually rotates and locks onto the included bits.

This set will allow your kids to work beside Mom or Dad while keeping them safely away from the “adult” tools. The drill can be a little loud, but most customers said that it wasn’t annoying. Some also wished that the set came with something to build instead of just the practice bench, and some kids lost interest quickly.

But others said that this is a perennial favorite with their children, and keeps coming out of the toy box. The set is simple, with only two tools, but they are very realistic and fun for kids to use.

Many customers also picked up a pretend tape measure and a hard hat for their children as well. These items would totally compliment their new action tool set and would make a perfect gift for Christmas or as a birthday present.

You can view the Fisher Price Drillin Action Tool Set and more tool toys by clicking on this link:

Fisher Price Drillin Action Tool Set

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