Angry Birds games for PC or MAC proves fun doesn’t have to be expensive. One of the most addictive smart phone games of all time is now downloadable on your laptop. In Angry Birds, gamers command a flock of birds to retrieve eggs stolen by a group of evil green pigs. The pigs are sheltered by structures made of a variety of materials such as wood, stone and ice. Players launch the birds with a slingshot to either hit the pigs or damaging the structures so they collapse and kill the pigs. In different levels, objects like rocks and explosive crates are used with the birds to terminate hard to reach pigs.

The purpose of the game is to destroy all the pigs on the level. The PC version provides the same exciting game experience as the android version. The action moves from the touchscreen to a mouse or touchpad seamlessly. In fact, Damien McFerrin of British website Electric Pig remarked, “the mouse-driven control method showcases many distinct advantages over its finger-focused counterpart”. With no need for an internet connection, prepare to spend even more free time communing with the birds.

Angry Birds has a couple of PC and Mac downloads worth every penny. Angry Birds – Just like the android version, the existence of the Angry Birds is at stake. Get revenge on the pigs who stole the Birds’ eggs. Lay waste to the pigs constructions using the unique powers of the Angry Birds.

The game features demolition gameplay with 240 + levels that translate into many hours of replay value. Angry Birds Rio – Released as a tie in with the 20th Century fox animated film Rio, the Angry Birds have been stolen, caged, and shipped to Rio! In Rio they meet new friends, and work together to escape a bleak warehouse to the flourishing green jungle. Instead of stolen eggs and evil pigs, the exotic birds are rescued while defeating the evil marmosets. The new version also features boss levels to add to the gameplay. An IGN review called the game “a smart, snappy new chapter for the series”. Angry Birds Rio is regularly one of the top downloaded applications.

Angry Birds Seasons – Angry Birds are alwaysin the holiday spirit in Seasons. These special episodes have gameplay for every special occasion. “Seasons Greedings” has 25 Christmas levels, one for each day up to the holiday.

The Valentine’s Day version “Hogs and Kisses” has new themed levels and the ability to send Valentine’s notes through Facebook.

 The Halloween version “Trick or Treat”, “Easter Eggs” and the St. Patrick’s Day update “Go Green, Get Lucky” offer even more challenging pig-popping action.

System Requirements: PC – processor: 2GHz / Mac – processor: 1GHz PC – memory: 512 MB / Mac – memory: 256 MB Video: 128 MB Sound Card: Sound device Free space on hard disk: 88 MB


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