Angry Birds Card Game Review

Based on the super popular app, the Angry Birds card game is a fun game families can play together. The survival of the Angry Birds is once again at stake with this easy to play card game from the makers of UNO.

The object of the game is to be the first person to topple the structure cards. Gameplay is simple. Special power cards let you penalize the other opponents. It is an easy to understand quick play game designed for ages 4 and up. Players put their cards in order, then throw the dice to remove the cards. Extra cards allow you to add more plays to your opponents. Be the first person to strategically topple the structure cards by rolling the right bird on the die to win the game. Two to five people can play at a time.

In the Box

• 36 Structure Cards

• 20 Special Power Cards

• 2 Dice

 • 1 King Pin

• Instructions Review


The Angry Bird card game is perfect for anyone who loves the popular game app. The feel and concept of the game is the same. Blow up the pigs, save the eggs and make the birds happy. The brightly colored cards and cute graphics represent the electronic game well. Created by Mattel, the card game has light strategy and player interaction that keeps the game interesting for older kids and adults alike.

Though the game is recommended for kids five and up, it is possible kids under seven may have trouble grasping the game. With coaching from an adult, younger kids can still play with the rest of the family. The Angry Birds Knock on Wood board game is easier for younger kids until they are ready to graduate to the card game. Conclusion It is hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy Angry Birds.

This is a quality card game made by a quality company. The card game is a great alternative to the electronic version and a great addition to family game night.


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