Citizen Mens AT0200 05E EcoDrive Chronograph Canvas Watch

Wrist watches have come a long way since the time they were first introduced in the 1900s as a wristlet. Originally designed as a fad for women, wrist watches quickly adapted for use during WWI to help soldiers keep time easily, instead of having to rely on pocket watches. Today watches today are not only decorative and valuable, they have also become eco-friendly with recharging capacity using indoor or natural lighting. Keeping time was never this good or this beautiful until now especially with the Citizen Men’s AT0200-05E Eco-Drive Chronograph Canvas Watch.


Watches that can enhance one’s attire as an accessory not only complete the look, it bolsters one’s confidence and stature. The Citizen Eco-Drive is perfect for the man-on-the-go with its multi-function features, precision performance, accurate time-keeping, and a 5 year limited warranty.

The features of the Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph Canvas include:

·         Japanese quartz

·         Luminous hands

·         Chronograph function

·         Water resistance up to 330 feet

·         Easy date calendar

The specifications are:

·         2011 model

·         Round stainless steel case with black dial and analog display

·         Case diameter of 40, thickness of 10, band width of 21 mm, and weighing 16 ounces

·         Sporty green canvas band with buckle

·         Stationary bezel function

What You Will Love About This Watch

The Citizen Men’s AT0200-05E Eco-Drive Chronograph Canvas Watch is a keeper, and you might find yourself buying a back-up or giving one as a gift to someone important. A fully charged battery will last more than 2 day, and you will never have to buy batteries again. If you want to dress up your watch, it is possible to change the band with a different color or a leather strap.

You can swim, shower, and get caught in the rain with this watch and not have to worry that it will stop working. The sub dials will give the minute and seconds and track time up to 24 hours. The reset button is handy and amusing especially for kids who get to watch time literally whiz by. Also, the glass cover is scratch-resistant and can take tough handling and work under extreme conditions.

This watch can be worn daily and not appear bulky under long-sleeved dress shirts and jackets. The charging capacity is also not hampered by long sleeves and being in the office for 6 to 8 hours. Unlike most watches, learning how to use it is easy with the user-friendly instruction manual.

What Users Are Saying About the Citizen Men’s AT0200-05E Eco-Drive Chronograph Canvas Watch

Majority of the buyers of the Citizen Men’s AT0200-05E Eco-Drive Chronograph Canvas Watch have similar comments.

“It’s comfortable and dependable.”

“The price is surprisingly affordable considering that it is an eco-watch.”

It is a man’s watch and looks very masculine and functional while able to look classy and traditional. For those who love wearing watches but don’t want to be bothered about delicate mechanisms and functions, this is the watch to get. It’s amazingly perfect for “a man’s world.”