TomTom ONE 3rd Edition 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Review

With its 3.5-inch display the TomTom ONE 3rd Edition may be small but it comes with a wide range of cool features. This portable GPS is an entry-level vehicle navigator that offers a complete solution for drivers who need updated maps and timely traffic information.

When you’re on the road what you need is a traveling companion you can rely on to keep you on the right track. The TomTom One 3rd Edition comes pre-loaded with maps for the United States and Canada.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Measuring 4.33” x 3.5” x 1.34”, the sleek and compact TomTom GPS weighs less than 10 ounces and can be easily installed in most vehicles using the included windshield suction mount. This tough navigating device can operate at temperatures ranging from 14 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. Its lithium ion battery provides 2 hours of power and can be charged from your vehicle’s cigarette lighter using the included 12-24v adapter.

The TomTom ONE GPS may be small enough to slip into your shirt pocket or purse but it’s not short on the following features:

Convenient And Easy To Use

The TomTom One features a crystal-clear multicolor TFT (thin-film transistor) display that provides exceptionally sharp images for easy viewing of maps and routes. The display also provides other information including driving directions, mileage and distance. For convenience, you can connect the TomTom GPS to your computer using the USB port and the included cable to add your own points of interest.

Here’s what the Tomtom One GPS has to offer:
• Millions of points of interest that you can use as your destination or reference points
• A selection of available routes, with the option to choose the quickest route, scenic route, or avoid toll roads
• Use zip codes to simplify route selection
• Save addresses of frequent destinations, making it easier to plan your routes
• A compass mode for directional orientation
• Antiglare screen lets you view the display even in direct sunlight


The Third Edition TomTom One comes with a bright touchscreen that is easy to read. Measuring 3.5 inches, the display has a resolution of 320 x 240 and is capable of 2D and 3D effects. Although small in size, the screen is crystal-clear with amazingly sharp pictures. It comes with 32MB RAM and a fast 300 MHz CPU. This makes the touchscreen sensitive and responsive, so you don’t have to spend your time waiting around for the unit to respond.

Voice Instructions

TomTom One provides spoken turn-by-turn instructions so you can keep your eyes on the road while navigating. With the speed-sensitive volume feature turned on, the device’s volume automatically adjusts as your vehicle’s engine becomes louder or quieter when your speed changes. The voice prompts will always come through clearly.


Users of Tomtom One 3rd Edition can easily improve their own maps with Map Share, TomTom’s proprietary map improvement technology. This technology allows users to add their own map corrections and Points of Interest which they can then share with the entire community of TomTom users via the TomTom HOME website. Users can instantly respond in real time to changes in the road network and apply corrections to the maps in their TomTom GPS.

TomTom Home

The best vehicle navigator in the world is useless without accurate maps. That’s why TomTom provides a way for users to future-proof their GPS devices. TomTom HOME provides free software that allows users to update maps, manage and share improvements, transfer content from their computer onto their GPS, etc. They can also pre-plan their trip itineraries and receive free traffic alerts on their computer.

Trip Guidance Features

The TomTom One 3rd Edition recalculates the route if the driver deviates from the original route or a roadblock occurs. It also offers the Find Alternative option, providing maximum flexibility in route planning. Street names are displayed while traveling.

Safety Features

TomTom not only brings you to your desired destination, but it makes sure that you get there safely. Safety features in the new TomTom GPS allow drivers to have direct access to safety and roadside assistance. Users can customize the safety option screen to set warnings for speed, traffic, schools, restricted zones, etc. The Help Me! Menu includes information on how to get to the nearest hospital, first aid instructions, car maintenance information, and more.

• Intuitive and easy to use
• Satellite locks on in a matter of seconds
• Good position accuracy
• Display is clear, bright, and easy to read
• Touch screen is sensitive and easy to use
• Voice directions are loud and clear
• Users can add map corrections and points of interest

• No expansion card slot to add maps
• POI database is small and difficult to use
• Voice instruction does not say the name of the street

What Customers Are Saying

Customers describe the Tomtom ONE 3rd Edition as intuitive, easy to use, and reliable. It’s small and compact and will fit in your purse or backpack when not in use. The TomTom GPS is also easy to customize. One of its best features is MapShare which allows TomTom users to make map corrections.

A number of customers wish the TomTom would say the name of the street when giving voice instructions. As it is, they have to read the street name from the display. Some people also find the POI (point of interest) interface difficult to use. The POI database is small (compared to other GPS brands) and poorly organized with limited categories.
In general, however, many customers are very happy with the TomTom One 3rd Edition. It has a number of excellent features that you won’t find in other navigational devices, such as MapShare. This GPS is also accurate and reliable.

The list price of the TomTom One is about $250 but you can get it for as low as $160 in a number of online stores such as

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