Superpad Tablet Review: The Preferred Tablet Choice

SuperPad Tablet Review

The Superpad Tablet has brought budget prices back to the world of tablet computing. We don’t all have $500+ ready to drop on the next hot gadget. Thankfully the Superpad comes in at less than half that. But will it perform the way you really need it to?

Key Specifications For  Superpad Tablet

* Costs under $200
* Was first introduced late 2010
* Comes with Android 2.1
* 10.5 x 0.5 x 6.5 inches in size
* Weighs 1.59 lbs. / 0.72 kg
* 10.2 inch screen
* 1024 x 600 resolution
* 4GB inbuilt memory (can be expanded up to 32GB)
* FlyTouch ARM11 1GHz processor
* Wi-Fi connectivity
* 1.3 MP camera
* 3-hour battery life

What’s Great About The Superpad…

Price: There’s no denying that the Superpad Tablet is cheap! Going on price alone, this would win the tablet wars! Of course we do know that cheap usually means a lack of power and features, so you shouldn’t expect anything as powerful as an iPad here. That said, it’s good that such a budget option exists at all. For those who want to buy a tablet but can’t afford the high-end options, this is the perfect, simple solution.

Design: Considering this is such a budget device, it really doesn’t look bad at all. It also comes with a decent sized screen and resolution. It won’t look as sleek as the iPad, of course, but it still looks good.

Camera: OK, so the camera that comes with the Superpad Tablet is by no means going to replace your current digital camera. Nor is it as detailed as many of the other tablet cameras out there. However, when you’re looking at specifically budget tablet offerings, it’s a bonus they there’s a camera included at all! Remember the iPad 1? It didn’t even include a camera off the bat and cost $500+!

Android: If you already own an Android smartphone then you’ll find this tablet intuitive to use. It’s also very useful that there even is such a low cost Android tablet available (you won’t find the same with Apple’s iOS)! You can access the famous Android Market app store, which is growing all the time. However, you should bear in mind that the reduced processing power of this budget tablets means that not all apps are going to work as they should.

2x Micro-SD Slots: The addition of two micro-SD memory slots is very useful. It’s a necessary one too, meaning you can upgrade the 4GB memory by as much as 32GB extra. This will bring the storage space more in line with higher-end tablets, giving you more than enough space for plenty of songs, movies and apps.

Ports: Aside from the micro-SD slots, the Superpad also benefits from 2 USB 2.0 ports, mini HDMI and a standard headphone jack. The addition of USB (which devices such as the iPad 2 don’t even include) means you can attach an external keyboard/ mouse or extra storage. It also has an Ethernet port for wired internet connections (Wi-Fi is also included).

Superpad Tablet PC

What’s Not So Great About The Superpad…

Battery Life: The main point of tablet computers is that they’re portable, and this means you’ll want a battery that lasts you long enough. Unfortunately the Superpad only comes with a 3-hour battery life. This is fine if you can charge it up in the car, or only need it on short train journeys etc., but it isn’t going to last you very long on the go!

Wireless: Many users have reported issues with the wireless connection dropping off regularly. This isn’t great if you mainly want to use the tablet to stay connected to the internet, and for emails.

No Multi-Touch Screen: This budget tablet doesn’t come with a multi-touch screen. What this means is that it doesn’t allow for controls based on touching the screen in two places at once, and that the controls are more basic. But it’ll still get the job done, and is what you would expect for a <$200 tablet!

Storage Space: This tablet only comes with 4GB storage space. You’d expect less storage from a budget tablet, but you should also know that the Android operating system takes up about 2GB of space. This leaves you a measly 2GB left over. This is nothing in today’s terms! At least you can expand the storage with the micro-SD slots.

Operating System: This tablet comes with an older version of Android (2.1) which means that you won’t be able to use all available apps or make use of all features that Android now has. And these older Android operating systems were not directly made for tablets, making for a less user-friendly interface.

Reliability: Because of its lower specs, some users have reported crashes or issues using certain apps and functions. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Superpad Tablet Final Words

In short, this is the tablet for those who don’t mind a less powerful option. You can still download office suite apps, check your emails on the go and browse the web. But don’t expect it to handle the most powerful apps and games in the same way that a high-end tablet can.

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