Lightweight Double Strollers

Not all families are gifted with twins or two babies with less than a year gap. For parents who are lucky enough to have such lovely kids, double strollers can help make things a lot easier.

There are different stroller manufacturers who have various models of double strollers. One of the top sellers is the lightweight double strollers. There are different reasons why parents go for lightweight strollers. For one, lightweight double strollers are more convenient for use. They are easy to push and maneuver even on narrow alleyways.

Aside from its ease of maneuverability, lightweight double strollers are also easy to transport and store. You can bring lightweight double strollers for outdoor camping or even travelling abroad. Lightweight strollers can be lifted single handedly.

Every stroller manufacturer has their own models of lightweight double strollers, which makes it quite a challenge to compare them. Here are some key things to remember:

Some manufacturers only state the bare weight of the stroller. Usually, the weight displayed on the label excludes heavy parts of the double stroller. Shopping basket, canopies and other accessories can have considerable weight.

Lightweight double strollers do not necessarily mean low quality materials. There are lots of high quality metals with lightweight features. Aircraft aluminum frames are unexcelled when it comes to its lightweight property.

Many think that lightweight double strollers are supposed to be expensive. While majority of lightweight strollers are really expensive, there are some brands that offer cheap models. Prices actually vary depending on the model and brand of the stroller.

If you are considering a lightweight double stroller for your baby, here are some of the best brands and models you can choose from.

1. Graco Duo Sport

This lightweight stroller is perfect for price-conscious buyers. Aside from being ultra light, it is also cheaper compared with other models and brands. Despite its low price, its features are undiscounted. It is easy to fold, reclines fully and can be used by kids of any strolling age.

2. Maclaren Twin Triumph

Get the most out of your budget with this lightweight stroller. This model has an easy umbrella-fold mechanism that allows it to fold even with just one hand. It also comes equipped with smooth, easily maneuverable steering wheels. Not to mention, it has a sleek design allowing it to fit on narrow street corners.

3. Mamas & Papas Pulse Twin Buggy

A compact stroller with a light weight feature, that’s two things that this model can boast of. Unlike other double strollers, this one has a width of 75cm, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It also features a fully reclining seat with a well-padded soft cushion.

4. Cosatto You2 Twin Stroller

With a weight of just 11.4 kg, this cozy stroller lives up to its slogan “like 2 peas in a pod.” This lightweight double stroller weighs just like a bag of peas. Many find this stroller to be very sturdy and durable. These four lightweight strollers have been reviewed all over and feedback is affirmative. If you are looking for a great buy then any of these strollers will certainly satisfy you.

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