The Top Fitness Games For Men and Women

Although many men and women want to lose weight, working out is often very unappealing! The good news is that there is now a whole world of fitness games that aim to make exercise fun! Whether you’re buying for the special man or woman in your life, this selection of games can appeal to a wide range of people. Here’s a quick guide to the bestsellers for Christmas 2010.

My Fitness Coach: My Fitness Coach, for Nintendo Wii, is a game designed to help get you in shape through over 500 different exercises. The game will evaluate your fitness level, let you log your goals, and personalize your workouts. This is a great overall fitness game that’s been getting positive reviews from its users. It’s compatible with the Wii Balance Board but it’s not required to play.

Zumba Fitness: Zumba is the new fitness craze, and it’s now hit the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Note that if you buy it on the Xbox 360, you’ll need the Kinect add-on sensor to play. This is the perfect choice of fitness game for those who want to dance and have fun at the same time!

New U Fitness First Yoga and Pilates: For those who specifically love Yoga and Pilates, this game gives you all the benefits of attending a class but from the privacy of your own home! There are a number of positions included, and you’ll be guided through meditation at the end of each session.

Your Shape Fitness Evolved: This is the new fitness game designed for the Xbox 360. The thing that makes this game unique is that it makes use of Kinect. Kinect is the new motion sensor bar (that retails separately for around $150) that will sense all of your body movements – no controller required! The game itself includes many of the same features as “My Fitness Coach” – varied workouts, goal-setting, and personalized routines.

Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout: This game, for the Nintendo Wii, is designed to replicate gym workouts and lets you know how many calories you burn and the progress you’re making. Your progress will automatically be monitored, and future workouts will be adjusted accordingly.

Family Party: Fitness Fun: This is a great fitness game for those who want to get the whole family involved. The game includes 30 different activities ranging from skydiving to racquetball and trampolining. There is a multiplayer mode designed for families or friends to play together – giving the chance to earn medals and other rewards. The game is compatible with, but does not require, the Wii Balance Board.

Wii Fit Plus With Balance Board: This is the product that got everyone interested in fitness games. This pack includes the famous Wii Balance Board, that can track movement, balance and your weight. You can choose how long you want to work out for, and the game will choose suitable workouts for you. Activities range from yoga to muscle workouts.

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