Melissa and Doug Deluxe Fishing Game

Most preschoolers love games involving animals, and games that challenge them. The Melissa and Doug Fishing Game combines both in a fun game that simulates “real” fishing. Simple and fun, this game can keep your children entertained for a long time.

Main Features:

  • Colorful magnetic fishing game comes to life with redesigned artwork
  • Special magnetic wand that magically captures puzzle pieces on the game board
  • Fun and challenging way to develop hand-eye coordination, visual perception and fine motor skills
  • Includes 10 removable pieces

Product Highlights

This game’s premise is simple: use the wand to catch the fish, and then put them back in the correct slot. There are magnets attached to the wand to attract the fish making catching the fish fun and easy to do.

Kids can discuss their “catch” with adults, adding an educational element to the game. It helps children recognize shapes and hone their motor skills. The board and wand are durable and well made. The fish are painted in a way that makes them easy for children to identify and remember. This is an interactive puzzle that teaches and entertains kids at the same time. It costs $9.00 and is currently selling on the Amazon website. [Insert link]

What Parents Are Saying

The reviews for this product have so far been very positive. One customer recommends paying attention to the age limit or you may end up having to wait a year or two for your child to be able to take full advantage of the game, as they did. This game is recommended for children 3 years and older.

Other than that, customers were delighted with the game. It comes pre-packaged and ready to use, no hunting around for loose pieces or trying to figure out what goes where.

The instructions are simple to follow with minimal explanation from an adult. Some customers thought the fish looked too simplistic and silly, but others found the design perfect for children who are just learning to do puzzles.

The fishing wand can be a bit of a worry, but once an adult explains how to use it (and how not to use it), most children were fine. Supervision is recommended because of the temptation to swing the rod around.

Some children had a bit of trouble with attaching the magnet on the end of the rod to the fish, but one customer solved this by wrapping the string around the rod to shorten its length. This game is great for helping children develop their hand-eye coordination and shape and color recognition.

Best Place to Buy Melissa and Doug Toys

As we mentioned above this toy is selling extremely well on Amazon along with lots of other Melissa and Doug toys. All of these items are sure to be hot sellers again this Christmas and it is advisable to buy early so you are not disappointed.

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