Hedbanz for Kids

Hedbanz for kids! is the kid friendly version of the popular, fast-paced question and answer game Hedbanz. Players draw an identity card and place the card on their headband. Each card has a food, animal or common object name printed on it. Everyone can see the card but the person wearing it. A one minute clock is set and then the fun begins. On their turn, each player asks questions about what or who, they are (“Am I an animal?”). If the player gets stuck there are tips on the sample question card to keep the action moving. Once they hear yes, question become more specific, (“Do I live in the jungle?”) until the answer is guessed (“I am a jaguar!”).

The goal is to quickly figure out who or what you are before the one minute timer runs out. As questions are asked, the round flies by quickly, keeping the energy high and challenging players’ wit. Everyone starts with three chips. For each identity, the player guesses right they discard a chip. When they are unable to figure out the card in time they receive a chip. The first person to run out of their chips is the Hedbanz winner. Playable with two to six people, Hedbanz, is not only entertaining it also allows kids to exercise their deductive reasoning and creative critical thinking skills.


What’s in the Box?

• Hedbanz rule sheet

• 74 cards

• 24 chips

• 6 headbands

• sand-clock timer



Hedbanz is a blast for the whole family to play. The gameplay is exactly the same for kids and adults with just enough silly thrown in the mix. Like the 20 questions, you ask yes or no questions to guess what you are based on the card on your headband. The addition of the cards really help organize the gameplay and lets all players participate by seeing the picture. Plus, it is hard not to laugh when you see your spouse is a goat or your kid is a hot dog.

Though not as obvious as other games, Hedbanz have educational elements. It really helps teaching categorization skills and the ability to ask questions. The best part is the game is so engrossing they never know they are working on deductive reasoning skills.

Hedbanz is the kind of game families like to play over and over. Unfortunately, only 72 cards come in the set. After repeated play most kids are familiar with the deck and can easily figure out who they are with only a couple of questions. The many fans of the game would like an expansion pack specifically for the kid version. Still, the game is a go to. Easy to set up and quickly get the hang of, Hedbanz works well at school parties, sleepovers, and family game time. Play a long version or squeeze in a quick round for 20 minutes of hilarious entertainment.

This game is well organized, a bit silly and gets everyone talking and laughing -the hallmark of a first rate group game.

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