Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game Review

The Angry Birds Knock on Wood game brings the best-selling phone app game to life. The game follows the same rules as the digital version with the added excitement of hands on play. Just like the age old battle between the egg-stealing pigs and the Angry Birds players launch the birds towards the pigs wooden castle to demolish them.

The game is played by picking cards from one of four levels, building a structure on top of the card and striking it down with an actual bird launcher. Each card is worth a different number of points. The first person that kills the right combination of pigs and reach 100 points wins the game. Special mission cards allow for freestyle building for even more challenging creative play.

Package includes:

  • 3 Angry Birds
  • 4 pigs
  • 1 bonus points star
  • 1 bonus points egg
  • 1 bird launcher
  • 14 building blocks
  • 40 mission cards
  • 16 points cards
  • Instructions Book

The Angry Bird Knock on Wood game delivers real world Angry Birds action as promised.

The instructions are simple to understand and the way the cards are presented, kids do not have to know how to read to know what to do. The concept is fun, and kids can spend hours building the structures and launching the angry birds at the piggies. This is great news for parents whose kids are obsessed with Angry Birds, but need to spend less time with video games.

Adults who have the game on their laptop and cellphones also get a kick out of knocking the pigs down beyond the tablet screen. Of course, it makes a great family night around the table. The actual components of the game are of good quality. The plastic blocks are sturdy plastic with a wood grain details and the structure pieces and catapult can also take a beating. The pigs are designed to rest on their blocks without falling off. The angry birds are cute and double as action figures.

The only issue with the tangible version of Angry Birds is clean-up. Be prepared to search around for scattering pieces. If you lose any of the legs or blocks, it will make it difficult to build the suggested structures on the cards. It is suggested to shoot the birds toward a tablecloth or rug to stop the pieces from ricocheting across the room.

The Angry Birds Knock on Wood game is fun for the whole family. Building the structures is just as entertaining as knocking them down. The game is even fun freestyle without counting points or following the cards. It is a great addition to your Angry Bird collection.

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