The Intex Family Size Pool Set: A Great Buy For The Summer

With Since summer is almost upon us, the best way to face the waves of heat would be to have large quantities of water nearby to cool off. Since most of us still have to work, the beach or going to the water-park are not solid alternatives, because the fun is limited by time and money.


Getting your own pool might be the optimal solution in this case. And because space does tend to be a problem, a mobile pool seems to be the most reasonable option available. The Intex Metal Frame Pool Set is one of the names that option bears, so let’s see if it bears it with grace.

Main Features of the Product

As the name suggests, this is a pool set that can be assembled and dismantled as you see fit. Intex has been known to make great quality items before, so, the wear and tear is not of particular notice if the item is properly maintained.
Anyway, the pool has a metal frame (galvanized, powder coated steel), increasing the overall sturdiness of the set and lifespan. Once fully assembled – a process which takes about half an hour if skilled in the ways of assembling stuff – the user will notice that the advertised size of 12 ft is quite accurate and refers to the diameter across the top, not the bottom. This means more room for fun and even swimming (this applies for kids, obviously).

A filter pump is included in the set, which can handle a flow rate of 530 gal. per hour. The drain plug can be connected to the garden hose, thus making emptying the pool a really easy task.

Main Advantages of the Product

Generously proportioned.
Relatively simple to assemble.
Nice overall design.
Very good value for money.

Main Drawbacks of the Product

• It needs a perfectly level surface to sit on. This may add some waiting minutes before the assembling process can start.
• The pool cannot be left outside in the winter, if temperatures drop below freezing level. Ignore this and just might have to buy a new pool when the snow melts.

What Buyers Think about the Product

Those who invested in the Intex Family Size Round Pool Set (and there are many who did this) are very happy with their decision. With a lifespan of 4-5+ years, an attractive design and ease of operation, this pool has offered many fun and relaxing moments to their owners.

Some of them managed to up the operational times and reduce maintenance costs with the help of chemical testing kits; keeping the pH steady means a lot for the life of a pool.


There is nothing like relaxing in a pool when the sun is scorching. The Intex Round Metal Frame Pool Set will enable you to enjoy just that, in the comfort of your home, for many years to come; so don’t pass on the opportunity to buy it.