Casio Men’s GW9000A-1 G-Shock Mudman Solar Atomic Watch

You have to be an outdoorsy kind of person to appreciate the Casio men’s GW9000A-1G-Shock Mudman Solar Atomic Watch, or the G-Shock Mudman. This timepiece is one that you can take with you whether you’re mountain climbing, exploring caves, doing waters sports, or just hanging out having a good time.

Being shock-proof and solar-powered, you can just relax and never have to worry about a little thing like a watch. But with the G-Shock Mudman, you will come to depend on it and feel a little uneasy without it.

Can it be worn indoors in a corporate setting? Absolutely! Use the watch to motivate you to work hard so you can go out and enjoy some fresh sea or mountain breeze. It looks very dandy with a corporate suit!


  • Solar-powered, G-Shock
  • Comes with 5 kinds of alarms
  • Water resistant to 660 feet
  • Auto backlight for easy time-telling in the dark areas


  • Weight of 1 lb
  • Black resin case with diameter of 46mm and thickness of 15 mm
  • Digital quartz display
  • Black band is also made of resin with a width of 24mm
  • Stationary bezel

Additional Benefits Of For The Casio Men’s GW9000A-1 G-Shock Mudman Solar Atomic Watch

If you need a tough watch, the Casio Men’s GW9000A-1 G-Shock Mudman Solar Atomic Watch is your best choice considering value for money, design, and durability. If you are like most men who want to look good but not fussy, get this G-Shock Mudman.

It can handle dirt, dust, and being dropped occasionally. Moreover, it allows your wrist to breathe so you won’t get that sweaty band feeling that can be distracting and annoying. If you’re looking for a workhorse timepiece, look no further. This watch just keeps going, no battery changes, no delicate handling required.

What Users Love About Casio Men’s GW9000A-1 G-Shock Mudman Solar Atomic Watch

Most men love this watch because it doesn’t need to be held up to the sunlight to get charged. It charges automatically. It also has a rugged charm that adds to the masculinity and strength of a man which means it is appealing to women and partners.

Some users have even tested the Casio Men’s GW9000A-1 G-Shock Mudman Solar Atomic Watch under water and found it to work perfectly after. For them, it isn’t water resistant; it’s water proof although you should still follow the directions and recommendations of the manual.

The watch is priced very reasonably, especially since it’s a keeper. As far as being user-friendly, the watch is easy to adjust time in case you’re traveling. There are no complicated steps to go through just to move the clock forward or backward.


“I would recommend this watch to my best friends, and I have! However, since it does have a remarkable toughness about it, you should take in once a year for general cleaning. Otherwise it kind of accumulates dirt because of the tiny details in the design.”

“I like the fact that you can use radio signals to update the time automatically. This makes it dummy-proof in a way for those too lazy to keep adjusting the time especially when they do daylight savings.”