Skytex Primer Color eReader Review

As eBook readers become more and more popular, there are now many different options available to suit all kinds of user. The Skytex Primer has been designed for those who don’t just want an eReader: they want a device that can also handle their photos, videos and music files. With a color screen and a low price point, the Skytex Primer has proved popular in the budget category of eReaders. Keep reading to find out whether it does everything you need it to do.

Skytex Primer Key Specs

Average Price: $130 Release Year: 2010 Battery Life: 10 hours Screen Size: 7 inch Screen Type: color touchscreen Storage Size: 2GB (expandable by 16GB with SD card slot) Internet: None Main eBook Format: ePub

Pros Of The Skytex Primer

Price: The Skytex Primer is now widely available for less than $100, making it one of the most affordable options in the world of color eBook readers. True, it’s more expensive than the cheapest ad-supported Kindle, though it suits a different niche market given its extra features and LCD screen.

Memory: 2GB of onboard storage is enough to store thousands of eBooks as standard. However, if you want to fill your Skytex Primer with other multimedia files (like it was designed for) then you may want to take advantage of the included SD memory card slot to expand it by another 16GB. This is an excellent addition which means the device has the ability to grow as your collection does.

Design: It’s important for any eBook reader to be small and lightweight, making it easy to hold just like a real book. The good news is that the Skytex Primer meets these specifications. It doesn’t look quite as stylish as some of the top readers out there, especially given the fact that it uses physical buttons instead of a touchscreen, though it’s laid out well enough to make it easy to use.

Screen: Although this isn’t a touchscreen eReader, as you might expect from a color LCD screen, the screen is still impressive and makes for a good reading experience. The backlight is adjustable to suit the brightness of the room you’re in, and the display is crisp. The fact that it’s lit up means that it’s easy to read at night, though it does mean you’ll experience glare when you try to read in bright sunlight.

Extra Features: Like many other color screen eReaders on the market, the Skytex Primer does come with a few extra features. One feature that’s especially popular is the ability to record voice memos. Many buyers use this for taking notes on the books they’re reading, or simply for recording new ideas as they pop into their heads.

Aside from the voice recorder you’ll also find an FM radio, video player and photo viewer. This helps to take it into the category of a tablet computer, but you won’t find internet features or downloadable apps.

Multimedia: The Skytex Primer was not just designed for reading eBooks; it’s also made to be a flexible multimedia player. It has the capability to read a wide range of different files. Simply transfer videos, photos and music files from your PC or Mac via USB, and take them with you on the go with this device.

Cons Of The Skytex Primer

Battery Life: The battery life on the Skytex Primer may not be long at first, and the battery can initially take a very long time to charge. This is because the manufacturer recommends you charge it and let the battery drain for around five charges before it reaches full capacity. Once you’ve done this, you should find that the battery lasts longer, although most users find that it doesn’t live up to the advertised 10 hours.

No Wi-Fi: Unlike other eReaders, the Skytex Primer doesn’t come with Wi-Fi connectivity included. This means you can’t buy books directly from the device, or access the web via a web browser. However, at this price point you really wouldn’t expect such functionality.

File Management: Most eBook readers will allow you to easily manage your files on the device itself, whether this means deleting certain books or organizing them into your own chosen categories. Unfortunately, you can only order books by author on the Skytex Primer, unless you change folder names on your computer.

When it comes to deleting books, you can only do so from your computer. This isn’t too inconvenient, but may annoy some users. It also means that you cannot use the Skytex Primer eBook reader unless you do have a home computer.

Instructions: Unfortunately, the instruction manual for the Skytex Primer leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn’t go into much depth at all. Thankfully, however, the reader is easy enough to use without having to constantly refer back to the instructions.

Is The Skytex Primer Worth Buying?

There are a number of limitations to the Skytex Primer, notably the fact that it can’t connect to the internet, and the battery runs out very quickly. That said, if you’re looking for a simple multimedia device, this is an excellent budget choice. It has all the reading functions you need, and is far cheaper than most other options on the market today.

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