Rii Mini Keyboard With Touchpad

When it comes to using a computer in the dark, it can be difficult to see what you are doing. This became especially problematic when it came to watching video in the dark. The Rii mini keyboard with touchpad was bought as a way of accessing the PC from a distance.

The main PC for the house is also used as the media server for all of the other computers, and more importantly the majority of our TV and movie viewing is controlled through the PC. A full sized wireless keyboard has been used in the past for this, but it was cumbersome and clunky and somewhat hard to see. It didn’t fit on the tablet and so would frequently be knocked or kicked over.

A miniature keyboard was trialed as a replacement. With a full keyboard it allows you to type out the addresses of websites, search for specific files on the computer and move them from one computer to another. More importantly it is small enough to stow away easily, or to sit on a coffee table, safely out of the way.

The tiny wireless keyboard comes with back lighting that clearly illuminates the keys on the keyboard. That made it clear and easy to work with even in the complete dark. The range on the wireless is incredible too, especially compared to the previously used full sized models, which would only manage a few feet. Though the full distance was not tested, it comfortably worked from across the room-about three meters.

The touchpad isn’t perfect. It works well enough, but being so small it is hard to be as precise as it is often necessary to be. However the directional navigation keys help to make up for that, allowing you to scroll through many of the things that you need to find or to reach. It also isn’t possible to use it reliably for tapping to enter clicks-it just does not seem to read them. There are both left and right mouse keys which cover this.

Keeping the keyboard running was no problem either as it is rechargeable and comes with a battery built into it. It is simply a matter of plugging it in to charge when it is not in use. It was already charged when unpacked, so was able to be tested right away.

The keys are obviously far smaller than a normal, or even a netbook keyboard-comparable in fact to the buttons on a cell phone. This means that there is no way that you could touch type on the keyboard, and in fact you couldn’t really type for a long time, but then that isn’t really the purpose of the keyboard.

Keeping in mind the tiny size and hence the limitations that were bound to occur helps you to realize what a wonderful little device this mini keyboard really is. It is essentially the equivalent of a remote control for your PC, rather than being a keyboard, and as such it functions perfectly to give you the remote access that is so often needed.

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