Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaning is not always a breeze, especially if you are using one of those heavyweight vacuums. It is kind of tiring, and for people with arthritis, it is more difficult to handle. And for typical stay at home moms, using heavy vacuum cleaners could mean a back-breaking experience. If you are one of those people who have had enough of their heavy vacuum cleaners, then it is time to buy a lightweight vacuum cleaner.

Lightweight vacuum cleaners work just like the heavy ones, but made lighter and easier to handle. They are a much better choice because they have the ability to clean like any other vacuum cleaner without the added weight. This feature is handy when going up and down the stairs. The weight makes the vacuum easier to haul around the house.

Although lightweight vacuum cleaners lack a self-propelling motor, this is not an issue since you wouldn’t need one to control it properly. Removing the self-propelling motor actually helps in making this type of vacuum cleaner weigh lighter. Using lightweight vacuum cleaners has its advantages, and here they are:

As mentioned above, this type of cleaners are very easy to carry and handle. An average lightweight vacuum weighs just about 10 lbs., so technically, it wouldn’t break your back.

Even though they are smaller and lighter, lightweight vacuum cleaners can still do as much as a traditional vacuum cleaner. They usually come with extending wands, which will enable you to reach high ceilings and windows.

Pretending that you are now convinced by the advantages of having a lightweight vacuum cleaner; and you now want to buy one for your home, you must first take a look of the things to consider when buying a lightweight vacuum.

The area it needs to cover. You must choose a model the can help you finish the task quickly. Match the size and the capacity of the vacuum cleaner with the size of your home.

Is the price worth it? A number of lightweight cleaners are really expensive, but some are very affordable. You must ask yourself: Are the features worth the price? Compare the product features of a pricey vacuum cleaner with a more affordable one.

Bags and filters replacement. Another thing to consider is the availability of bag and filter replacements. Ask the salesperson if these things will be readily available. Their prices must be reasonable, too. You wouldn’t want to purchase a lightweight vacuum cleaner that requires an expensive and hard-to-find replacement filter.

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