Ematic eGlide eBook Tablet Review


If you’re looking for an eBook reader that can store multimedia files besides eBooks, the Ematic eGlide could just be the option for you. With a color LCD screen and extra functions on top of its eBook reader, this device is making its way into the “tablet computer” category of gadgets, but at an extremely affordable price.

Ematic eGlide Key Specs

Average Price: $85 Release Year: 2010 Battery Life: 3-4 hours Screen Size: 7 inch Screen Type: color Weight: 11.2 oz Storage Size: 4GB (expandable with SD card slot) Internet: None Main eBook Format: ePub

Pros Of The Ematic eGlide

Price: At around $85, this is a very budget eReader. Although not quite as cheap as the cheapest Kindle with special offers, it is very cheap for a color eReader (compare it to the $250 Nook Color or $199 for the Kindle Fire) and can perform some extra features that the Kindle cannot.

Color Screen: There are a number of benefits to choosing an eBook reader with a color screen. For one, it makes reading magazines or books that focus on images a lot easier to read and see in all their glory. The vibrant screen on this looks good, and also means you can view your photographs on the go. The resolution isn’t as good as on more expensive tablet computers, however.


Books: The fact that the Ematic eGlide uses ePub books as its main format means you can take advantage of buying books from a wide range of eBook stores. As for reading the books, it comes with all the standard features: the ability to change the font size, switch between portrait and landscape mode, change the background color and so on.

Multimedia: As well as reading ePub eBooks and PDF files, the Ematic eGlide can also handle a wide range of different music and video formats to help you carry your multimedia on the go. This is something you don’t get on basic eReaders, and is what helps take it into the tablet category (although a far more basic one than devices such as the iPad 2).

Case: Unlike most other eBook readers, the Ematic eGlide comes with a case included as standard. Buyers have commented on the fact that the case is very high quality, with magnets to keep it firmly closed. Given the fact that most people go on to buy a case for their eBook reader (to keep it protected against damage), the fact that this comes with one for free will save you even more money over the already low price.

Memory: A 4GB internal memory stands up against the top eBook reader brands, such as the Kindle, but is a little low given the fact that this device is also meant to store larger files like videos. The good news is that there’s an SD card slot included should you ever want to expand the memory, giving the device a level of flexibility that you won’t find on all eBook readers.

Cons Of The Ematic eGlide

Reading Functions: One pro of using [ReviewAZON_Tooltip asin=”integrated” titlewordcount=”3″]eBooks[/ReviewAZON_Tooltip] instead of paper books is that you have the ability to adjust the font style and size according to your needs, making them as easy to read as possible. The choices leave a lot to be desired however, as the Ematic eGlide only has one font choice and four font sizes to choose from. Some users have complained that the largest size isn’t large enough. Devices such as the Kindle deal with this a lot better.

Battery Life: The battery life only lasts around 3-4 hours on this device. Although you can never expect a color LCD screen eReader to match the long battery life of an e-Ink screen, this is very poor. It means that you’ll constantly need to recharge the device, and it won’t even last for a mid-length plane journey. The Nook Color, for example, has double the battery life of the Ematic eGlide, at 8 hours.

No Wi-Fi: There’s no option to connect up to a Wi-Fi network on the [ReviewAZON_Tooltip asin=”integrated” titlewordcount=”3″]Ematic eGlide[/ReviewAZON_Tooltip], as there is with some rivals such as the Nook Color. That said, this device is clearly a far more budget option than the Nook. For the price, you should expect an emphasis on reading rather than connectivity.

Poor Instruction Manual: Many users have complained about the lack of instructions with this device. This is certainly a downside for those who aren’t into their gadgets.

PDF Files: At present, no eReader deals with PDF files perfectly. That said, color tablet eReaders are usually better at doing so than their e-Ink counterparts. Unfortunately the PDF reader on the Ematic eGlide can be sluggish and, at times, unresponsive. It can take a while to load and flick between pages.

Is The Ematic eGlide Worth Buying?

It’s important to recognize that the Ematic eGlide comes with a number of limitations. There’s no internet connection, no browser, and a low battery life. That said, it’s one of the most affordable eBook readers on the market today, and is perfect for those who want a device to carry photos and videos on top of their eBooks.



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