Braun Series 7-760cc Pulsonic Electric Shaver System Review

Braun Series 7-760ccThe Braun Series shaver comes with pulsonic technology, which shaves more facial hair with every stroke. With 10,000 micro vibrations shaving is now more fun and safer than before. Three personalization modes, available at the touch of a button modify the pressure, intensity and angle according to the shape and contours of your face ensuring that you get the smoothest shave possible.

Patented ActiveLift™ captures hair even in the low lying areas of the neck to give you the smoothest shave within a few minutes. The electric shaver, made in Germany, is rigorously tested and quality controlled to ensure that the product you get is of the highest quality. With so much thought put into its designing and manufacturing it is no wonder that Braun shaving system offers such a safe and pleasurable shaving experience.

With its patented technology it is able to distinguish between different types of hair. Depending on the thickness and length of the facial hair it changes the power settings to ensure a smoother and quicker shave. With better cleaning, recharging and lubricating facilities you do not have to fuss with your shaving equipment – one button does it all.

Main Features & Design:

  • 3 personalization modes
  • Fully flexible shaving system for maximum facial adaptability.
  • Activelift captures flat-lying hair in problem areas for a smooth and precise shave.
  • Optifoil – for the closest shave.
  • Clean & renew – at the touch of a button automatically cleans, charges and lubricates. Fresh lemon scent.

Product Specifications:

  • 10,000 micro vibrations with every stroke
  • Product Dimensions: 10.1 x 6.3 x 6.3 inches ; 2.7 pounds
  • Fully charged in 1 hour
  • 50 minutes cordless shaving.
  • Five-stage LED display for low charge and battery status

More Features For The Braun Series 7-760cc Pulsonic Electric Shaver System

Smoother Shave:

The Patented ActiveLift™ and Optifoil technology ensures that you get the smoothest and cleanest shave every time you use the Braun electric shaver. With three different intensity levels, the Braun electric shaver reaches the most inaccessible portion of the neck to give you the smoothes shave.

Saves Time:

The Braun electric shaver saves your time because it removes facial hair more quickly than others. Moreover, it adapts itself to different types of hair to give you the most complete shaving experience. For example, it will increase power when it encounters coarser hair to make shaving easier.

Easy to Clean:

The shaver is very easy to use and maintain. Cleaning, recharging and lubricating facilities are available at the push of a button. It is the only shaving system which uses an alcohol based cleaning solution. The body is completely sealed from inside and you can easily rinse the shaver in running water to prevent water from getting inside.


It is the only shaving system that uses alcohol based cleaning liquid that removes more than 99 percent of all germs.

What User’s Love About the Braun Series 7-760cc Pulsonic Shaver System:

Ease of use, performance and superior ergonomics makes the[ReviewAZON_Tooltip asin=”integrated” titlewordcount=”3″] Braun Series 7 a great buy[/ReviewAZON_Tooltip]. The customers find it quicker to use because the Braun 7 Series shaver works quicker, cutting more hair at every stroke. Overall, it is a great buy for people looking for convenience and a smooth shaving experience.

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