Bob Double Jogging Stroller: The Best Jogging Strollers For Mommy Joggers

For parents who love the excitement of running, jogging and off-road walks, nothing can beat a BOB double jogging stroller. Developed by some outdoor lovers in California, BOB jogging strollers have become the holy grail of fitness minded moms and dads. BOB strollers are made of durable, lightweight and easy-to-fold aircraft aluminum frames. Rugged running wheels ensure easy maneuverability and smooth ride.

For parents with twins or two kids of strolling age, BOB double jogging stroller is a must have. BOB produces high quality, top performance strollers for outdoorsy parents who want to bring with them their precious kids. There are different models of BOB double jogging strollers that parents can choose from. 1. BOB Ironman Running Stroller Duallie This tough double stroller is endorsed by Ironman Triathlon. One of the most popular models is the BOB Ironman Duallie 2010 which combines functionality, durability and convenience.

1. Aside from Duallie’s sharp look, two interesting features set this BOB double jogging stroller apart from the rest: it is equipped with an adjustable tracking and a variable suspension system. Added to that, this stroller has an easy fold and lift mechanism. The stroller can easily be collapsed into thirds for easy transport and storage.

With a combined weight capacity of 100 lbs, you can bring your two kids on a comfortable ride. Whether you jog or run for fitness, or just for fun, you will find this multi-faceted outdoor stroller a great buy.

2. BOB Sport Utility Stroller Duallie Yet another outstanding BOB double jogging stroller, BOB SUS 2010 uses the same build as that of BOB Ironman but has thickly treaded tires. It also has thick mag wheels which make it the ideal stroller for off-road jogging or running. This model gives active parents what they are looking for, an active, durable and trail-friendly double jogging stroller.

Excellent for almost any terrain, this BOB double stroller rides smoothly even on rough terrains. Aside from its functionality, BOB SUS also uses high-end materials coupled with comfort and safety features. If you are serious about fitness and can’t leave the active life, this stroller is for you to enjoy.

3. BOB Revolution Stroller Duallie Maneuverability, versatility and comfort make BOB Revolution the top pick for parents who want swivel wheel strollers. This BOB double jogging stroller is equipped with rugged 16” rear wheels and a swivel front wheel. These wheels alone allow this stroller to serve its purpose.

The easy swivel wheel allows your stroller to maneuver effortlessly. If you want to go for a long distance walk or jog, you simply fix the swivel wheel forward. With proper adjustment, the swivel wheel can work as a solid pivot while on the track. Furthermore, this stroller comes with an adjustable tracking system which ensures straight tracking.

Safety is also of top concern. As such, this stroller has a 5-point safety harness and protective canopy. Added comfort is achieved through its seat recline that can be adjusted to near flat position. Extra cushions provide a soft, smooth ride for its passengers. These are just a few top BOB double jogging strollers. You can also check other models produced by BOB.

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