Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Before you ask what the best canister vacuum cleaner is; you must first know the technicalities of a canister vacuum. Here are some things you may want to know before you go shopping for the best canister vacuum cleaner.

A canister vacuum cleaner is a type of vacuum cleaner that is uniquely designed. Its motor and filters are all inside a compact housing with a suction hose attached into it. Its body is fitted with wheels, allowing you to haul it around the house while cleaning.

Like any other vacuum cleaners, canister vacuums come with assorted attachments for different cleaning needs. Its attachments include a suction hose, rotating brush and more. You can even buy additional parts for extra cleaning abilities.

So you finally made a decision to buy a canister vacuum. Your new dilemma is choosing the best canister vacuum cleaner. To make sure that you purchase the best canister vacuum, you must consider a few things:


The price of the unit is one of the few things to consider. Ask yourself: What exactly is my budget? If the answer is around a hundred bucks, then you should look for brands like Bissell or Eureka. If you want to splurge, you may choose to buy an $800 Sebo. Bear in mind, a steep price does not mean it is the best canister vacuum cleaner in the market.


Another thing to consider is the size of your home. If you have a small cottage, a small vacuum cleaner will be just right for you; but you will need a full-sized unit to vacuum a large house. Even the best canister vacuum cleaner would not be a match to a mansion if its size is for a two bedroom-home.


If you have a pet cat or dog, you must consider buying a canister vacuum cleaner with hepa filters. Hepa filters aid in removing harmful allergens such as dust mites and pet hair. The best canister vacuum cleaners have hepa sealed cleaners. This type of vacuum cleaners has extra cleaning abilities, so you won’t get wrong with it.

Consider these things before you run out and buy the first canister vacuum cleaner you see. Do not forget to ‘play’ with the product before buying it. That way, you will actually feel if you are comfortable using it. Also, be sure to read up on what others thought about the model you are looking to buy.

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