Acer AZ5700-U4002 23-Inch All-In-One Desktop Review

Laptops may be compact and space saving computers, but the performance just isn’t up to the specs of a desktop computer. The Acer 23-inch all in one desktop with widescreen LCD touch screen is the perfect solution for those people who are lacking the space to have a full sized desktop computer, but who still want to have all of the advantages of a desktop.

What’s Great About The Acer AZ5700

This is a beautiful computer. For an all in one unit it is well designed, sleek looking and stylish. The monitor itself sits above the speaker unit, which is silver colored. On unpacking there is next to no set-up required. The power cable must be plugged in, and the wireless keyboard and turned on-these are connected once the computer is powered up.

Acer AZ5700 Features

The only separate items for the computer are the keyboard and mouse, making this a very tidy set up. Because everything is contained within the one unit it doesn’t take up very much room-not much more than a normal monitor would take up on a computer desk. Certainly, this only takes up about as much room as a laptop computer-it is wider but with the keyboard stored underneath it takes up less space from front to back, giving it an overall smaller footprint.

As keyboards go, this one isn’t great. There is a lack of indicator lights for lock functions, and it is overall a very basic keyboard. Thankfully though, being wireless and not in any way a part of the system it is easy to replace by simply connecting a new wireless keyboard and mouse pairing.

A touch-screen on a standing, all in one computer unit such as this is a nice addition but feels very wrong. The fear, quite simply, is that pressing too hard on the screen will lead to the computer toppling over. There is a similar problem with using the DVD tray-pushing it in firmly requires that you hold the other side of the computer so that you don’t push it along the desktop. For normal use however, the computer is nice and stable and does not tip or rock when being used.

Processing is handled with a 2.8GHz dual core processor. This gives a fast and smooth experience, with plenty of power for the Windows 7 operating system. The 4GB of memory is enough to handle a number of even heavy processes capably, without causing a slow down of the system. Windows runs such a wide range of software that there seems to be a solution for every need.

Gaming too is possible on this computer. It may not handle the latest and most intensive of recent games, but the graphics card and processor combination are good enough to smoothly handle the majority of games. Video streaming over the internet is also good, thanks to the built in wireless card being good.

For anyone who is looking for a compact yet capable[ReviewAZON_Tooltip asin=”integrated” titlewordcount=”3″] desktop computer[/ReviewAZON_Tooltip] this is a great solution. The price is low for such a high spec computer, and it does a good job of displaying movies, playing music and showing other media too.

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