Mason Pearson Popular Mixture Bristle: Hair Brush of a Lifetime

Brushing is good for hair. It releases sebum which keeps the scalp moisturized and in good health. Dry scalp is generally a sign of bad hair health. Dry scalp causes itchiness and more importantly leads to hair fall. It is also responsible for dandruff. Dandruff is often considered to be at the root of all hair related problems. A well moisturized scalp keeps dandruff and other hair related ailments at bay. No wonder our grandmothers suggested a good 100 strokes with the brush each night before going to bed for smooth, shiny, luxurious and well nourished hair.

While brushing is good it is essential that only a good quality brush is used for this purpose. The brush should be such that it easily reaches easily from scalp to tip. It should readily untangle hair without breaking. It is also essential that the bristles are not rough on the scalp.

The Mason Pearson Popular Mixture Bristle/nylon Mix Hair Brush-ruby Handle is one such brush that makes hair smooth, shiny and goes easy on the scalp. So every woman can now have long, strong and healthy hair minus the pain.

Mason Pearson Popular Mixture Bristle Brush Features:

The bristle and nylon hair brush is larger than the ordinary brush. It is thus ideal for thicker hair.

The Mason Pearson brush consists of pure premium natural boar bristle with nylon “spikes”. This is recommended for very long, normal to thick hair

The bristles are just the right size and stiffness for entangling even dry and stiff hair.

The Mason Pearson brush lasts longer than ordinary brushes. It is the ideal brush for all kinds of hair whether it is long or short, wavy or curly.


  • Product dimensions: 9 x 3 x 4 inches
  • Product weight:  7.2 ounces
  • Product price: 154.95 $


  • Long lasting: the mason pearson brush lasts longer compared to any other hairbrush
  • Extremely durable and lasts ages.
  • Easily untangles even rough hair:


  • Slightly Expensive: Will probably be the most expensive brush you ever buy, but worth it.
  • Slightly more benefits for women with longer hair.

Mason Pearson Brush



In spite of being much much more expensive than the ordinary hair brush, the mason pearson is a hit among the ladies, especially the young ones who frequently experiment with their hair.

The mason pearson hair brush is the only hair brush that gently untangles even the most stubborn hair while going gentle on the scalp. Salon professionals love the Mason Pearson brush. The brush is extra large and hence suitable for heavy and thick hair. The natural boar bristles reach to the scalp and readily untangle even the messy curls. It works equally well on long and straight hair.

A regular brush from scalp to tip before going to bed each night keeps hair from getting tangled. It also keeps the scalp well moisturized.

Amazon Reviews

“I bought this from R & S Factors via amazon. According to the Amazon specifications this brush is for long, normal to thick hair, which describes my own hair. However, it did not detangle my hair very well–it seemed as if the bristles just weren’t long enough or stiff enough. I gave this 2 stars because the brush might be good for someone, but the CUSTOMER SERVICE is pathetic. I have never had a problem returning an item to Amazon or to one of their sellers in the past, thus expected the seller to take this item back. Especially at a price of $99!

Instead, R & S Factors says I have to return the brush to London at my expense and then, “we shall make a full refund back to you after deducting a 50% restocking charge.” A full refund?!? Huh?

So far as I’m concerned, I won’t even look at another Mason Pearson product again and R & S Factors sucks.

“I purchased a M-P mixed bristle brush 35 years ago, and I still use it to this day. I wish I had taken better care of it. Over the years it’s been dropped & cracked, then superglued. Now it has a little piece that’s broken out next to the original crack. But the brush part is still fine. No other brush, not even the more expensive imitations, are the same. The greatest experience is if you can get someone else to brush your hair with it. It really massages your scalp and makes the hair shiny. I have had it through long, medium, short, straight, and curly hairstyles. It is the perfect brush.”

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