InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer Review

With parents today trying to find ways to make the best of their time out with their children, family time has become important. For example, many parents who enjoy the outdoors like to take their children out on bicycle trailers so that the entire family can have some fun together. Bicycle trailers allow the parents the freedom to have a good time and exercise while their children can have fun in their trailers as well.

The only challenge a lot of parents face is that quite a few trailers available today either do not fit their child in too well, or have very thin material at the bottom that makes it quite uncomfortable for the child to ride in. quite a few such trailers also leave the parents desiring for a bigger one as once the child gets a little bigger, the trailer becomes difficult to fit in.

The InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer offers the solution to all these and much more. The trailer is made with great care to make sure that the child can have a great and safe ride while being comfortable. The trailer can easily house two children easily till they reach around 42 inches and that means that if you have two children, you can go out as a family without the children fighting over the space. The trailer also has very sturdy belts to hold the child safe without giving him/her a rash. If you just want to take out one kid, there is a strap in the middle to make sure they are seated comfortably even when alone.

Main Features:

  • It is a two in one canopy with a weather shield and a bug screen
  • Easily foldable and has quick release wheels that help in easy storage
  • The front tires are 12 inches and the ones at the back are 16 inches that have molded rims to provide a durable performance.
  • The coupler is versatile and attaches to most of the bicycles
  • Comes with a stroller kit, and swiveling handle bar and front wheel
  • There is a parking brake that allows for additional safety when in stroller mode
  • There is a deluxe harness and the seat comes with a padding

Main Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 52.5×32.5×41.2 inches
  • Weight: 38.8 pounds
  • Model Number: 12-QL234

The InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer is a great buy at the price it comes at. It is very comfortable for the children and offers a great experience while still being safe. It is also very flexible in the terms of being able to connect with many different types of bicycles.

Why users love the InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer?

The InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer is loved by parents because it allows them to take their children out in comfort. The trailer is very easy to assemble and is very easy to connect to various bicycles which makes it even easier to use 3the trailer no matter which bike you have…you can have a great experience as a family together.

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